Trident Storage: High level of security offered by self-storage facility inspires customer trust

From the outset, Trident Storage knew they wanted to offer their customers a professional, secure and state-of-the-art self-storage facility. Having never worked with a security company before, they engaged ARC Security at the start of the build to see if we would be a good fit. The day they met Matt, one of our security consultants, and walked the site with him, they were immediately put at ease. Not only did ARC Security offer the technology they were looking for, but Matt’s approachability made him easy to talk to, and Trident quickly saw he spoke from experience and expertise. Matt designed a custom security plan to provide fully security monitoring and prevent theft, break-in or unlawful activity.

Some key features of ARC Security’s custom security plan for Trident Storage include:

  • An alarm system to set off alerts in the event of a break-in.
  • An electric fence activated and deactivated by ARC daily to inhibit overnight trespass.
  • Gallagher access control and programming of individual units so only the leaseholder of the storage unit has access to their unit and belongings.
  • Programmed door switches; if a storage unit is left open for a suspicious amount of time a silent alarm is triggered, alerting Trident Storage to access live CCTV footage to investigate.
  • CCTV camera system linked remotely to smartphone app enabling Trident to view their facility remotely 24/7 and receive security alerts.
  • Interactive digital floor plan created by ARC Security technicians to allow operators to use the system easily and efficiently. Trident Storage now hands print-outs of this floor plan to customers as a facility map to help them find their storage unit easily as well as relevant entry and exit points.

When customers see the Trident Storage facility for the first time, they are impressed. A shiny new build, with well-positioned cameras and professional fencing inspire confidence that this is a safe and secure facility in which to store the things they love. This has converted many who might have been hesitant to store their possessions in a facility, to trust that those items will be safe at Trident Storage. Meanwhile, the team at Trident Storage themselves have been impressed with the can-do attitude of the team at ARC Security and their fast turnaround. Whatever their question, concern or request is, ARC is quick to respond, develop a solution, and implement it.

From Trident:

“Matt was so approachable and easy to talk to….We tell them what we want and they get it done. Jaemyn has also come out to site to help with new projects. He is such an asset to their team, really knows his stuff.”

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