ARC Security ‘gets it done right’ at Mitre 10 Mega Whangārei


Mitre 10 Mega Whangārei’s electronic security system centred around 40 problematic cameras that were expensive to maintain, difficult for staff to operate, and lacking any kind of remote linking or viewing access. In short, store security was an issue.


ARC Security assessed the placement of cameras and suggested improved locations and additions to eliminate blind spots. We then added to the existing camera system, installing 10 new CCTV cameras to remove blind-spots, while simultaneously upgrading the entire camera system server and operating system. The result has been a reliable security surveillance system that is easy to use and can be linked to security guards’ smartphones for remote access. Looking to improve their security system more broadly, we have also:

  • Installed access control to staff-only areas.
  • Integrated license-plate recognition software into camera system that sends silent alerts when cars owned by blacklisted customers enter.
  • Installed and monitor alarm system.

Since these upgrades staff participate more readily in security monitoring and actively take advantage of camera footage for security, compliance and record keeping purposes. The store is now secure.

From the client:

“Matt is very good [to work with]. ARC Security is good to deal with and offer value for money. The new cameras are much better quality [than the original] and make it easier to identify and address problems arising on the shop floor before they escalate.”

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