Commercial access control systems for employee and visitor management

ARC Security’s integrated access control systems gives you total control over who can go where and when.

Commercial access control systems replaces the need for big old chains of keys. Instead, one key card can be programmed to open as many or as few doors as that key-holder requires, and can be programmed to limit a key-holder’s hours of access to their scheduled work hours or assigned visitation hours. They can also be issued to self-service facility users whose access records log the exact time and date the user accessed the facility, enabling accuracy when it comes to billing. Unlike traditional keys, if a key card is lost it can be quickly replaced for a couple of dollars, the lost card can be deleted from the system, and the locks never need to be changed again.

ARC Security’s technicians specialise in the installation and programming of quality and intuitive access control systems from Gallagher Security, Inner Range and ICT Protégé.

ARC Security’s business access control systems allows you to:

  • Manage, monitor and control individual employee movements.
  • Monitor who is on site at what hours.
  • Control visitor access and duration of visits.
  • Automatically lock out unauthorised persons from restricted areas.
  • Automatically alert you if an area has been open for an unusual period of time.
  • Can be connected to timers on machinery and services, turning these on for limited time periods, such as in the case of self-service facilities.
  • Ensure your occupational health and safety requirements are met by restricting access to hazardous zones.
  • Prevent access to confidential files.
  • Avoid theft and damage to your property.

Our identity access and visitor management systems are fully customisable to the needs of your business, office or premises. Our integrated approach to your security means we may recommend combining access control with CCTV camera monitoring, intercoms, alarm systems, intercoms and other security solutions to provide a robust and comprehensive security system for your office or premises.