Fully-integrated custom-designed commercial alarm systems

A security alarm system is a tried-and-tested way to deter break-ins, damage and other unlawful access to your premises, and to catch burglars and trespassers in the act.

A business alarm system also allows you to monitor comings and goings, and alerts you if employees or visitors are attempting to access unauthorised areas.

ARC Security specialises in designing alarm systems for commercial buildings that are fully-customised to reflect your unique risks. Our security consultants are experts in assessing the vulnerabilities of your commercial premises and creating commercial security alarm systems to protect your business, employees and assets.

The technologies ARC Security uses, offers and installs undergo a stringent vetting process by our security experts to ensure that they are high-quality in make and effective in application, as well as user-friendly for our clients.

We offer commercial products from Gallagher, Inner Range and ICT Protégé that combine quality, affordability and ease of use all in one.

Your integrated security alarm system, custom-designed by ARC Security, could include the following functions and features:

  • Sensors to detect trespass.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and immediate response times in the event of a breach.
  • Security camera systems with the option for facial recognition and license plate recognition software.
  • Access control and visitor management systems.
  • Intercoms, turnstiles, data cabling and more.