Kiwi ingenuity employed to keep hospital staff and patients safe 

ARC Security has been a trusted provider to Te Whatu Ora – Northland (formally Northland District Health Board) for over 15 years. Even so, it wasn’t a sure thing that we would be selected to deliver the security system for a $14.5m redevelopment project, providing new healthcare facilities to the Far North. But thankfully we were successful in the tender process, and ARC Security was selected as the security contractor for the recently completed stage two of the project.

Stage two of the hospital redevelopment included delivery of an integrated Family Health Centre to accommodate primary health, outpatient, oncology and renal services, as well as a new entry to the hospital. Because of ARC Security’s excellent working relationship with leading contractors A-Line Construction, we were able to get involved at the design stage, making recommendations on the placement of security devices that were welcomed by the design and construction teams.

ARC Security designed a solution to fully meet the client’s needs, which thanks to our long-term relationship with Te Whatu Ora – Northland, we already had a solid understanding of. The solution included:

  • Access control to internal & external doors
  • Intercom system for the new main & renal patient entrances
  • CCTV coverage of all public areas and car parks

Despite a challenging start to the build which was hampered by severe weather, ARC Security was able to stay on schedule, delivering on time and on budget thanks to close collaboration and great communication between our team and the A-Line Construction contractors.

The presence of fire walls added some complexity to the installation, as security devices and penetrations on these walls had to meet strict requirements and sign-off so as not to jeopardise the effectiveness of the fire protection.

Routing cables also required some ingenious quick thinking from our team, as low head room and the floor-mounted cable trays that were installed left little crawl room for access. To be able to run cables and tie back efficiently – ARC Security’s project manager Brocke Reti quickly threw together a trolley made from scrap timber and some old castor wheels, which enabled our installers to lie down and roll their way around the mezzanine floor to access the cable trays easier.

Kiwi ingenuity isn’t just limited to the Kiwis it seems, as Brocke is Australian!

Fit-off was a breeze and very rewarding as JB the lead tech was able to showcase some great skill and attention to detail as well as work with and around other trades such as the vinyl layers, builders, and painters to secure the building well before commissioning was completed.

The new security system installed by ARC Security integrates seamlessly with existing systems throughout the rest of the facility, ensuring the safety of staff, patients, and visitors at all hours. Hospital staff also benefit from systems that match their systems elsewhere on the premises, so they are already familiar with how to operate them. All in all a successful installation from ARC Security, which was made possible through collaboration, great communication, and a touch of number eight wire mentality.

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